Ryobi P271 18 Volt 1/2 in. 2-Speed Drill-Driver

Ryobi P271 18 Volt 2-Speed Drill-Driver

Ryobi P271 18 Volt 1/2 in. 2-Speed Drill-Driver

by Ryobi

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  • 1/2 in. single-sleeve, keyless chuck with automatic spindle lock for easy bit changes
  • 24 position clutch and 2-speed gear box to match your drilling and driving needs
  • MagTray magnetic holder for convenient placement of screws and bits
  • On-board bit storage for convenience
  • Top-mounted bubble level for drilling and driving accuracy
  • Price: $30.99
  • In Stock
  • Free Shipping on orders over $35
  • Sold by Blue Apex

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  1. Brand: Ryobi
  2. Package: 14.4 x 8.9 x 4.9 inches
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Product Description

The drill includes a ½ inch heavy-duty single sleeve, keyless chuck with a 24 position clutch to match your drilling and driving needs. The drill features the exclusive MagTray® and on-board bit storage, which allow convenient placement of bits and screws.

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Verry Happy, April 12, 2013
Jon E
I have used cheap $50-80 drills you can get at Walmart and Meijer and never am I satisfied with their performance. Ether the drill just doesn't have the power to get the job done or the battery dies.

My last drill before I got this one had a descent amount of power to it but the battery would die after drilling 24 holes and setting 24 decking screws. Very frustrating when you are trying to get a job done.

This drill however has a fantastic amount of power and can even drill through steel on its high gear setting in no time. But the drill is only a drill and doesn't come with a battery. I recommend the Robi P108 4AH battery. It's an $100+ battery but end the long run it is just fantastic. I have used that battery with my curricular saw and drill for hours and only run it halfway dead. And it gives this drill just a bit more UMPH! to get the job done.

Easy guideline for seeing how long a battery will last is: If you double the batteries capacity (ie.

Does [almost] everything I expected., August 13, 2013
Charles Davis (Texas)
I wish it had a light to illuminate the work. 10 more words required. 6 more words required. 2 more...

Old drill died..., June 14, 2014
...needed a replacement, only I already had the battery, from the old one. Imagine my happiness when I discovered I could save a few bucks by buying only the drill. Ryobi is a good brand. My husband has been slowly renovating the house and swears by it. Almost all of our power tools are Ryobi. It seems to be the place where price meets quality.

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